It is VERY important that the property owner be advised of several factors regarding the nature of a professional chemical lawn care company. You will notice drastic changes with each application, but it will take a full season to completely clean up your lawn.

Weeds are divided into three main categories which are broad leaf, grassy weeds and sedges.

  • Broad leaf weeds, such as dandelions, henbit (purple flowers), and clover grow during the spring and fall months
  • Grassy weeds, such as crab grass, barnyard grass, and Johnson grass grow during the spring and summer months
  • Sedges such as Nutsedge, Green Kyllinga, Purple Nutsedge, ect grow during the summer months, these are very hard perennial weeds to control
  • Pre-emergent chemicals control weeds in the seeding stage, thus preventing them from germinating. Some examples of such weeds are crabgrass, henbit, and Poa-Anna
  • Post-emergent chemicals control visible weeds, thus the weeds that have already germinated

Your lawn and/or property will consist of five (5) applications per year.

It is VERY important that customers on our Maintenance Program (2 applications per year) be advised of what to expect from only having 2 treatments versus the 5 treatment program.

You will have lawn treatments in the Spring and in the Fall during the following months.